Friday, November 9, 2012


     In January of 2008 my dad, sister Danielle and I went to Namotu Island in Fiji. I haven't ever posted the photos on this blog, so I thought a dreary day like today was a good time. Consider this a bit of a flashback friday type of thing, if you will. 
     There aren't typically the best waves in January in Fiji, but right in the middle of our trip a really fun swell hit Namotu Lefts and this other wave I can't remember the name of (although I'm thinking it was called Wilks).
     My favorite memory from the trip was hiding behind a corner in the common room and scaring my sister so good that she fell off the wooden plank pathway she was walking on, on the way to our room. Sucka! Ok, ok, in all honestly, watching her surf was the real highlight for me. She doesn't do it very often anymore (she went to school in Arizona and now lives in NYC), but when she does, she rips.  Oh, and let's not forget my dad. He doesn't love having his picture on the internet, but he's such a big part of my life and my surfing that I do what I want and post them anyway can't leave him off this blog.  
some photos by Gabriella Soos

Other memorable moments:
+Karaoke with Danielle after too many drinks called "skull draggers"
+Running out of air while scuba diving 40 feet below the sea
+our friend David spear fishing his hand and getting airlifted off the island
HERE's some more information on traveling to Namotu.  
Happy weekend everyone!  Got any travel plans for the holidays?


  1. Ah you always give me such wanderlust :) What underwater camera do you use?

  2. just some more reasons to go to fiji...eventually :)

    water snake,eek!

  3. :) this isn't my underwater camera, but I have been eyeing the SPL water housing for months >>

  4. your tiki boards are so insane. that shot inspires me and pumps me up!

  5. You and yoru family are always so fun to see together. Truly california souls. =)

  6. Oh wow..sounds like an eventful trip! Spear thru his hand..ouch!!! These pics are awesome though..I love the under water surf one!

  7. more more more! i want to see lots more from fiji!!

    ps. so funny about scaring your sister! i HATE being scared so i don't usually scare others haha

  8. Fiji?! What a fun memory with your family! Can we switch lives for a day so I can feel like a rock star and surf? Haha.

  9. oh my gosh this makes me want to leave cold, dreary PA where I go to college and move to a Caribbean island. these are gorgeous!

  10. Ummm... you ran out of air 40 feet under water?! Hello. That sounds like a story worth telling!

  11. Those underwater pictures are breathtaking!
    Fiji looks awesome, btw ;)

  12. These pictures are fantastic! Doesn't the dreary weather make you wish you were back there? The other night it was dark and rainy and I just spent an hour looking through photos from a Bermuda vacation! It's nice to dream for a little bit!

  13. I have always want to visit Fiji! Beautiful pictures!

  14. Fiji looks like a fantastic place to visit! I have always had it in the back of my mind to go on vacation! Looks like you had a wonderful time!

    I don't like that snake - Eeek! Scary!



  15. I'm digging that starfish! What an amazing color!


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